Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ill Try it:)

   I'm new at this blogging thing, I really got on it cause of my BFF Britt! but ill try it out for a little bit, I guess anything is better then myspace or facebook! sooo... over all the people from high school, some that I never even talked to in High school but wanna be friends on facebook and tell everyone what they ate that day or what time they went to the park, SOO done with that. (lol
anyway, enough about Facebook, Ill be more positive :) I love being a mom, My son Kaleb is the best thing that God could have given me, My fiance and I were Blessed with a beautiful little boy :) he just brightens my day every morning I see his smiling face :). But, today I got so sad, His Grandma came over and Kaleb wanted nothing to do with me, he's never done that before, I almost started crying, every time I went to go get him from her he'd scream to go back to her, I seriously was sooooo..... sad. But I'm glad he loves his Grandma:)
I'm super excited for Britt's little boy's Bday tomorrow :) He's the sweetest boy ever!! I cant get enough of him! And of course her other precious little boy Ry, Kaleb's BFF! I cant wait for them to play! we'll I guess this is enough for tonight, going to watch a movie with my soon to be Hub's! :) and then bed time! HOPEFULLY Kaleb stays to sleep tonight, hes been waking up like 5 times a night lately, OH... the Pleasures of being a parent:) He's lucky he's so cute! :)



  1. YAYAYAYAY!!!!! MY beautiful bestie is a blogger :) Love it and now following. XO